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Dave Alan Lingbeck is a Registered Patent Attorney (Reg. No. 34,861) licensed to represent clients from ANY U.S. state or ANY country before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)(  Mr. Lingbeck graduated from the University of Minnesota and from William Mitchell College of Law and has 27 years of continued U.S. patent & trademark law experience, and has successfully received hundreds of patents and U.S. trademarks for clients throughout most every U.S. state and many foreign countries.  (Information Page, Section C).  
Mr. Lingbeck specializes in the mechanical arts, electrical arts, e-commerce and also chemical compositions, methods, systems, and designs.   In addition, Mr. Lingbeck has testified as a legal claims construction expert on patent infringements in Federal Court and is a magazine article contributor to the Inventor's Digest.  Also, Mr. Lingbeck has extensive experience in computer science including engineering for Sabre and Apollo computer systems.    
For most inventions, inventors would apply for either a utility or design patent.  A utility patent protects the structure and function of the invention; whereas, a design patent protects ONLY the appearance of the invention.  For more detailed information, please contact Mr. Lingbeck directly and also visit the "infomation" page.
To disclose your invention to Mr. Lingbeck, please request a Certificate of Confidentiality by either calling Mr. Lingbeck or sending him an email on the "Contact Us" page. 

In addition to successfully drafting and prosecuting hundreds of patent and U.S. trademark applications, Mr. Lingbeck has DIRECT connections to manufacturers capable of manufacturing all types of inventions and offers these connections to any of his interested clients.  In fact, many of Mr. Lingbeck's clients have chosen to have their inventions manufacturered by these manufacturers, and they are selling their inventions on the market as a result (See Licensing Page).  

Inventors have the option of pursuing either licensing or assigning their inventions to companies or the possibility of having their inventions made by an independent manufacturer and be more involved in getting their inventions on the market.  In fact, the second option allows the inventors to essentially start up their own turn-key business if they so desire.   
The content of this Web site is intended to convey general information about Lingbeck Law Office and should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is not an offer to represent you, nor is it intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

 “Mr. Lingbeck has been the patent and trademark attorney for us for 25+ years and has successfully drafted and prosecuted patents for all our inventions and products during those years and has also attended to all our many trademarks.  Prior to Mr. Lingbeck, we used several different patent attorneys without the results achieved by Mr. Lingbeck.” - Posi Lock Puller, Inc.; Tamara, Dean & Cris Somerville; 
"We have received multiple patents all of which were drafted by Mr. Lingbeck.  We had also used other patent attorneys but those patent applications were rejected by the patent office, and we are having Mr. Lingbeck file more patent applications." - Brookins Hybrid Drive Systems LLC; Ernie & Gail Brookins
"Mr. Lingbeck's integrity, diligence and patent drafting have resulted in my company receiving numerous patents."  - Fast Crab LLC; Godfrey LeBoeuf, Jr., Houma, Louisiana