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A.  Do not disclose your product or invention to a third party unless a Confidential Disclosure Agreement is entered into between the parties.   

B.  To view many of the patents drafted by Mr. Lingbeck, click on this link>, and click on "Quick Search" under the "Issued Patents" and then type "Lingbeck" in the box next to "Term 1" and then click on "Search".  Below are more patents successfully drafted and prosecuted by Mr. Lingbeck: 

6,767,279      6,779,571       6,801,133      6,821,325      6,488,563     6,607,229     6,672,531    6,672,494

6,766,805      6,781,493       6,802,435      6,827,324      6,509,552     6,609,332     6,672,246    6,676,362

6,767,023      6,782,649       6,805,366      6,832,688      6,513,846     6,616,004     6,722,269    6,729,476

6,769,587      6,782,857       6,804,839      6,846,092      6,546,969     6,622,887     6,729,512    6,729,721

6,769,993      6,782,782       6,808,187      6,851,893      6,550,075     6,625,823     6,729,979    6,729,439

6,773,218      6,784,353       6,811,006      6,857,533      6,565,410     6,631,524     6,729,438    6,745,729

6,772,562      6,785,917       6,814,611      6,857,222      6,565,122     6,634,281     6,747,551    6,749,541

6,772,903      6,785,568       6,818,264      6,868,577      6,573,440     6,634,473     6,752,404    6,752,405

6,778,077      6,789,329       6,820,779      6,896,343      6,581,228     6,634,518     6,758,825    6,758,448

6,779,203      6,796,584       6,820,942      6,996,852      6,601,498     6,672,677     6,761,604    6,761,756

C.  Invention marketing companies?  Generally, invention marketing companies offer to submit an independent inventor's product to U.S. manufacturers for a fee of $10,000 to $20,000.  Invention marketing companies have a known success rate of less than .01%.  Mr. Lingbeck has access to manufacturers at no charge.  In addition, please see the list of some of the complaints filed to the USPTO concerning invention marketing companies by clicking on this link>, see 100s of complaints filed to the Federal Trade Commission>   INVENTION SUBMISSION CORP CHANGED NAME TO INVENTHELP.   Send inquiries if you have any questions concerning attorneys who receive referrals from invention marketing companies.  THEIR PATENT APPLICATIONS ARE BEING DRAFTED BY NON-LICENSED PEOPLE.
D.   The most important section of a utility patent is the legal claims.   Drafting broad-scoped legal claims is an art performed best by the most experienced patent attorneys.  Beware of the use of PICTURE claims in patent applications, because such claims are essentially worthless and offer zero protection for the inventors.  For an example, please access the following site by copying and pasting it in the address box and scrolling down to claim 13 under the title "Claims":,503,372.PN.&OS=PN/7,503,372&RS=PN/7,503,372
E.  To establish a track record of sales.

     1.  Find a manufacturer who will produce the product.

     2.  Either have a distributor sell the product to retailers or do it yourself by selling the product to retailers.

F.  For trademarks, please note and record first date of use and first date of use across state lines.  Also,  specimens such as letterheads and business cards for "service" marks, and packaging and product labels for "goods" marks are needed to file for a U.S. trademark.