Service and Fees

Trademark Attorney

  2. PATENT & PRIOR ART SEARCHES. An independent search firm is used to conduct a patent & prior art search of US patents, US published patent applications, foreign publications including the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the European Patent Office patent documents, and over 80 countries worldwide, and Mr. Lingbeck reviews the search results and issues a legal opinion along with the search results to the client. A. Fee for a patent search & legal opinion. $500 ( Results in 1 to 3 weeks). OR B. Patent Search Results without legal opinion. $250
  3. DRAFTING PATENT APPLICATIONS. A. Fees for most Non-provisional Utility patent applications. $3000 - $4000. (Depending upon complexity). (Flat-rate fee quotes provided upon request). (For information pertaining to provisional patent applications, please see 3C on this page). (For information as to the average fees charged by other firms, please see 3F). 1. Formal patent drawings included. 2. USPTO filing and issue fees not included. 3. A non-provisional utility patent protects the structure and function of the invention. B. Fees for most Design patent applications with one embodiment. $1600. 1. Formal patent drawings included. 2. USPTO filing and issue fees not included. 3. A design patent protects the ornamental appearance of the invention. C. Fees for most Provisional patent applications. $700 - 1800. 1. USPTO filing fees are included. 2. A provisional patent application establishes a filing date ONLY. (Provides No legal protection) 3. A provisional patent application is not examined by the patent office. 4. A non-provisional utility patent application must be filed within one year to avoid the provisional patent application being abandoned by the USPTO. D. CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED: F. In February 2008, Alan Kasper of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), presented information to an oversight hearing regarding the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). His presentation included information regarding the average patent costs in 2007. The information came from the AIPLA 2007 Report of the Economic Survey compiled from a survey of patent practitioners.

According to the testimony the following costs are representative of the attorney fees charged by a typical intellectual property firm in 2007.

The average cost of preparing a utility patent application by other firms:
Preparation and filing of an original application of minimal complexity by a small patent firm (10 page specification, 10 claims) = $8,548.00.
Relatively complex biotechnology/chemical cases = $15,398.00
Relatively complex mechanical cases = $11,482.00
Relatively complex electrical/computer cases = $13,684.00

  1. Product submission to the manufacturers used by Mr. Lingbeck for review and FREE prototype price quotes and manufacturing price quotes. Mr. Lingbeck has connections to manufacturers capable of manufacturing all types of products.
  2. Product submission to a distributor for possible marketing of one’s product to potential buyers. A. NO CHARGE . (FREE)
  3. Mechanical Drawings (if needed) for presentation to manufacturer. A. Fee based upon complexity of invention.
  4. Prosecuting patent and trademark applications before the USPTO. A. Office action examinations & responses. Flat-Rate Fee.
  5. Drafting U.S. trademark applications including Trademark searches. A. Fees - $500 excluding filing fees.
  6. U.S. Copyright Applications – $300.